What if I can't decide which bands to use in my set?
Our bands are all so unique and beautiful it can be hard to choose! Refer to our Popular Sets for inspiration and easy ordering. If choosing one set is too hard (believe me, I understand!) you can order multiple variations of the same band to mix and match.  All bands must be ordered in the same ring size to fit together properly.

Additionally, if you plan to create a stackable set, we highly recommend ordering the base top and bottom ring at the same time as your Base Ring.  Given all bands are custom and made-to-order, ordering these bands together as a set guarantees that they will fit perfectly together as the polishing and sizing will be completed at the same time.


In what order should I stack my rings?
Each product description includes which bands fit together.  The two top bands fit with both the Full and Half U.P. Base Rings. The bottom band will differ depending on which base ring you choose. Please refer to the handy guides below for band names and placement.



What if I don't see the design or options I want?
No worries! Contact our shop and we can create a unique design for you.


Do you offer sterling silver?
We strive to provide high-quality jewelry that will last for generations to come. Gold, while more expensive than sterling, is more durable, is scratch-resistant, and doesn't discolor.  While sterling silver is less costly, it is also much softer and prone to scratches, bending, and tarnish; therefore, we do not offer sterling as an option in our designs. We do however offer some of our pendants in gold-plated.


Do I have to order all bands at once or can I add to my set gradually?
If you plan to create a stackable set, we highly recommend ordering your bands at the same time. Each band is custom and made-to-order, so ordering together as a set guarantees that they will fit perfectly together.  If you order separately, there is a possibility of them not fitting as tightly together given the polishing and sizing would be completed at separate times and without the existing bands.


What is my ring size?
Refer to this Ring Size Guide from theknot.com for measurements and sizing tips, as well as the chart below.  You can also purchase an inexpensive ring sizer on Amazon, or contact a local jeweler to measure your finger free of charge.  All bands must be ordered in the same ring size to fit together properly. Please note that rings ordered in the wrong size are not returnable as they are customized and made-to-order and do not comply with our Refund Policy.  Please refer to our FAQ below if your ring needs to be resized.



When will I receive my order?
Given our rings are made-to-order, please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for processing.  We take pride in our work and take the time to ensure your product is designed, packaged, and shipped with care.


What if I ordered the wrong size?
Given our rings are customized, unique, and made-to-order, we cannot accept returns due to incorrect customer sizing. But don't worry, a local jeweler can likely resize any of our rings for a fee. Refer to your local jeweler for further details.


My rings don't seem to be fitting together properly?
While our bands are called stacking rings, some bands are more like puzzle pieces.  If you are connecting bands to the map base and they aren't fitting perfectly, try placing the map base in front of the other band and snap in place.  This design helps to keep your rings together and not move around when wearing them.


What is your refund policy?
Given our rings are customized, unique, and made-to-order,  we cannot accept returns unless the product arrives damaged. Please refer to our Refund Policy. or contact our shop with questions.


Do you provide rings in bulk that I can resell in my local shop?
Yes! Our designs, including our U.P. Stacking Rings and U.P. Outline Necklaces, are patented and are not able to be replicated in any other shop.  However, we would love to partner with local businesses to sell our product in your shop or discuss licensing opportunities.  Please contact us for more information, and refer to the Terms of Use page for patent information.


Do you offer gift cards?
Yes! Our gift cards and rings make amazing gifts for anyone in love with the U.P.


Do you offer promo codes?
On occasion, we will offer promos for special events.  Please follow our Facebook page for updates.


Do you sell your products in person?
We are currently an online-only store, but we also attend occasional local events to showcase our gorgeous designs, allowing you to see and feel the jewelry in person and create your perfect set! We offer special event pricing during these shows. Please follow our Facebook page for updates on show dates and times.